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This page is about the route that Roy and Gordon took in 1953. Firstly there's the itinerary itself as a table which shows you the places and the distances from place to place. Below that, there's a map of the route, taken from one of the entries in the diary. If you click the map, you can view a huge version of it, where the text is easier to read.

Day Date Journey Km

1 Sat 5 July Plymouth- Weymouth via Exeter (UK) 150
2 Sun 6th July Weymouth- Jersey via Guernsey

(Condor ferries sailing 0715)
3 Mon 7th July Jersey- St Malo (0830 sailing)- then to Domineuc (Brittany, France) 40
4 Tuesday 8th July Domineuc- Bain de Bretagne via Rennes 60
5 Weds 9th July Bain-de-Bretagne -Nantes (Loire Valley) 80
6 Thurs 10th July Nantes- Lucon via La Roche 90
7 Fri 11th July Lucon-Royan via La Rochelle and Rochefort 90
8 Sat 12th July Royan area 15
9 Sunday 13th July Royan-Bordeaux via Blaye 120
10 Mon 14th July Bordeaux- Agen (Canal de Midi) 80
11 Tues 15th July Agen- Moissac 80
12 Weds 16th July Moissac- Montauban region 40
13 Thurs 17th July Monteban- Villefranche via Toulouse 80
14 Fri 18th July Villefranche-Narbonne via Carcassonne 90
15 Sat 19th July Narbonne- Sete (Mediterraenean Sea) 80
16 Sun 20th July Sete- Nimes via Montpellier 80
17 Mon 21st July Nimes-Orange via Avignon 60
18 Tues 22nd July Orange-Valence (Rhone river) 80
19 Weds 23rd July Valence- Grenoble (Vercours mountain range) 110
20 Thurs 24th July Grenoble region 40
21 Fri 25th July Grenoble-Aix les Bains (Alps) 70
22 Sat 26th July Aix-les-Bains- Annecy 60
23 Sun 27th July Maison-Neuve area 0
24 Mon 28th July Annecy- Geneva (Switzerland) 40
25 Tues 29th July Geneva-Orbe (Lac Leman) 80
26 Weds 30th July Orbe-Biel/Bienne 70
27 Thurs 31st July Biel- Basel 90
28 Fri 1st Aug Basel- Freiberg (Germany) 70
29 Sat 2nd Aug Freiberg-Baden-Baden (Black Forest) 100
30 Sun 3rd Aug Baden-Baden- Heidelberg 90
31 Mon 4th Aug Heidelberg area 15
32 Tues 5th Aug Heidelberg-Frankenstein via Mannheim 80
33 Weds 6th Aug Frankenstein- Saarbrucken 100
34 Thurs 7th Aug Saarbrucken- Metz (France) 60
35 Fri 8th Aug Metz- Chalons en Champagne 140
36 Sat 9th Aug Chalons- Meaux 100
37 Sun 10th Aug Meaux- Paris 50
38 Mon 11th Aug Paris area 0
39 Tues 12th Aug Paris- Abbeville 140
40 Weds 13th Aug Abbeville- Le Torquet then Lydd- Romney Marsh (UK)

(Lydd Air flight time 1730)
90 then 30
41 Thurs 14th Aug Romney Marsh- Worthing via Brighton 110
42 Fri 15th Aug Worthing- Bournemouth via Southampton 120
43 Sat 16th Aug Bournemouth- Exeter 120
44 Sun 17th Aug Exeter- Plymouth 60

The map

The map from 1953